Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard

An Active Electronic Teaching and Presentation connectable Board used as a touchpad (with finger or stylus pen ) to control computers from a projector's image.

They are used in a variety of settings:
  • EDUCATION: University, College, TVET, School, Kindergarten Class rooms...
  • BUSINESS: Boardroom, Training room...
  • OTHERS: Workshop, Sports Training room, Studio, Auditoriums, Halls

It combines multi-touch functionality, dry-erase writing, and award-winning softwares to foster a truly interactive learning and teaching experience.

It provides users with a wide range of tools and ready resources to support their instructional activities.

Includes the choice of an Ultra Short Throw Projector or Short Throw Projector.

IWB emulates both a mouse and a keyboard. The user can conduct a presentation or a class almost exclusively from the whiteboard.


  • Multi-touch Interactive Display: Multi-user interactivity with 10 simultaneous touch points and 2-4 styluses pens.
  • Engaging Lessons and Presentations: Create and deliver interactive lessons and assessments with our award-winning software, ClassFlow and ActivInspire, included with your purchase.
  • Plug and Play: Connect your computer to the ActivBoard Touch to power on the system and instantly get started.
  • Multi-purpose, Dry Erase surface: Providing teachers and students with a 3-in-1 surface that offers optimal viewing, multi-user interaction and dry-erase writing.


  • Education: Classrooms

    Interactive Whiteboard technology extends a highly potential means for teachers to connect and communicate with students, by bringing the outer world to the classrooms and enriching the teaching process into an exciting learning experience. “Anything your computer is able to do, you can do it in front of your classroom,” Education is steadily evolving from conventional chalk and board approach to a highly dynamic interactive learning model through integration of technology into classroom teaching and other classroom activities. The new generation student is increasingly considering classroom as an extension of technology that they use at their homes such as personal computers, emails, and Internet. IWBs are supplied with software that provides tools and features specifically designed to maximize interaction opportunities. These generally include the ability to create virtual versions of paper flipcharts, pen and highlighter options, and possibly even virtual rulers, protractors, and compasses—instruments that would be used in traditional classroom teaching

    Business: Boardrooms or Halls

    Jump directly into your presentations and smoothly delivery your message without having to worry about cumbersome setups, or nasty cable tangles